Local HE’ors experiences with Olaf Hindmarsh

Olaf Hindmarsh left the Elective Home Education team in March 2012.

To find out more about his views on Home Education see here:

EHE Consultation response

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3 responses to “Local HE’ors experiences with Olaf Hindmarsh

  1. If you ‘educate’ the way he expects then you’re fine – if you’re autonomous then look out and if you don’t feel the need for ‘help’ well, let’s just say he doesn’t like that very much.

  2. I have to speak as I find and I do not recognise the Olaf Hindmarsh who used to visit us from your comments. We home-educated our three children for ten years and we never followed any plans, never kept records and never tested the children. The amount of written work was merely what the children decided to do and more often than not this amounted to nothing at all. We told Olaf what we were doing and he sometime made suggestions which we either took up or ignored. On more than one occasion when we chose to follow a suggestion we found it useful or at least helpful in coming up with a new idea, ideas being sometimes hard to come up with. We treated Olaf as someone who wanted much the same thing as we did for our children and that was for them to be fully rounded, interested and thoughtful people. They all now have inquisitive minds and are doing well in carving out the niche they want to fill in life doing what they want. No doubt others have had different experiences from their point of view but for us we had no problem and through mutual respect we managed to succeed and the children now understand what it is like to have a sensible and fruitful contact with ‘officialdom’. This can sometimes be frustrating but without animosity it doesn’t have to be negative.

  3. I think the main point is that as long as a person understands visits are not a legal requirement, nor are LEA’s required to monitor educational provision then you would have made an informed choice to have or not have contact with the EHE Dept. for support and advice. It is clear from FOI’s and guidelines that Staffordshire do not understand their legal responsibility. For instance; when they were delaying deregistration, which is illegal.and treating deregistration letters as a request to deregister rather than a parent informing a school they were deregistering their child/children. It is not within an LEA’s power to give permission for parents to HE.

    I hope that Staffs policies and procedures will reflect the law when (if) they’re updated for September.

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