What if I want to home educate from the start?

Well, that depends have you accepted a school place?

No school place

If you haven’t accepted a school place then, quite simply, you don’t need to do a thing. You can carry on as you are. You don’t need permission to home educate, nor do you need to register with or make yourself known to the Local Authority (though if you choose to do so that is completely up to you.) You may find that they find out through another means, and it is advised that you respond to ‘informal enquiries’, this can be in the form of your choice – this is covered here: https://hestaffs.wordpress.com/2017/11/20/lavisits/

School place accepted

If you have accepted a school place, then you MUST de-register before the first day of the school year (or on the day). The school will then send your de-registration letter to the LA who will then contact you, their procedures have just been reviewed and you will be contacted in writing by someone from the EHE team at SCC.
Special School


Last updated: 21/11/2017


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